According to current epidemiological studies, the risk of contracting cancer during a lifetime is indicated at about 40 %. About every other person affected receives radiation therapy during the course of their illness. This means that almost every fifth German citizen will be a patient in a radiotherapeutic facility. 

We provide almost the entire range of modern radiooncology in our Centre. Central to our activities are radiotherapy of malignant brain tumours, the ear-nose-throat region, the female breast, the rectal area, and the prostate.

Our goal is to heal the illness whenever possible. With complex and high-precision radiation technology, we attempt to avoid the occurrence of side effects or to minimize these. Some cancers are in an advanced stage. Agonizing symptoms from metastases, e.g. in bones or the brain, can be effectively relieved with radiation therapy. Palliative medicine is a designated focus of our Centre.

At our facility, we consciously avoid the radiation treatment of children with cancer and whole-body radiation treatments prior to bone marrow transplants. Upon request, we are happy to establish contacts to neighboring university hospitals. If there is a rare indication for radiotherapy with protons or carbon ions, we issue a transfer to the Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg or the Paul Scherrer Institute in Swiss Villigen.


February 14th, 2018