The treating physician and the medical physics experts at our Centre develop a treatment plan based on the planning computer tomography. The actual treatment device, the linear accelerator, is controlled by the calculated data. Before therapy is performed on the actual patient, we conduct tests using measurements on phantoms, to determine whether the accelerator actually works as desired. We take the quality assurance at this point in the treatment chain extremely seriously.

Linear accelerator, Elekta

Radiotherapy for malignant tumours takes place daily from Monday to Friday. Depending on the tumour, the total treatment duration varies between two and eight weeks. An individual session takes approx. 10-15 minutes. Waiting times are kept at a minimum.

At the first radiotherapy session, the treating physician personally controls the correct setting. This includes verification of the proper positioning of the patient and the evaluation of control images, which were made directly prior to the treatment. This is how we ensure that the irradiation exactly pinpoints the right spot in the body from the very start.

During radiotherapy, only the patient is situated in the therapy room. The contact between patient and staff is ensured at all times via an intercom system and several cameras. Treatment can be discontinued at any point when necessary and resumed at a later time.


February 14th, 2018