Radiotherapy of patients with tumor diseases or inflammatory-degenerative illnesses involves assuming an enormous responsibility. That’s why we are committed to a high standard of quality. This refers, without exception, to all staff and work profiles in our practice. 

Today, the aspect of quality is frequently divided into the components structure, process, and result. We believe that this is the correct approach. Complex organizations can be sensibly configured when their complexity is understood while still being managed with a holistic view. 

For this purpose, we analyze all aspects that could have an influence on the treatment procedure and its result in a regular, consistent, and self-critical manner. It is with this consciousness that we present ourselves for evaluation by external auditors several times per year. Both formal as well as content-related aspects are relevant for these audits.

Our Quality Management System has been certified by TÜV South according to DIN ISO 9001/2015, most recently on January 24, 2018. The German Cancer Society has recognized us as a cooperation partner of the Breast and Intestinal Center Hegau-Lake Constance in 2008, and as main cooperation partner of the Prostate Cancer Center Hegau-Lake Constance in 2009, with the most recent recertification dated March, 2017. The Medical Office of the State Medical Chamber evaluated our practice in Singen with the highest rating at the initial audit in October 2008 and confirmed this rating in March 2011, in March 2014 and in July 2016. Our practice in Friedrichshafen was also evaluated with the highest ranking at the initial audit in July 2011, in March 2014 and in July 2016.


February 14th, 2018