Medical doctors specialized in various fields meet at tumour conferences in order to make cooperative treatment decisions.

The prerequisite for an individual therapy recommendation is the comprehensive knowledge relevant to the previous course of the illness and the current test results. Together the participants engage in consultation regarding the subsequent further procedure. Treatment recommendations and guidelines from medical professional associations hereby play an important role. The committee’s task is to develop an appropriate solution for the patient based on this input. These also consider psychosocial aspects in addition to medical factors.

As Radiation Oncologists, we collaborate with various other disciplines. For this purpose, we regularly participate in several tumour conferences each week. These include the Tumour Conference at the Prostate Cancer Centre in Singen (Mon., 3:45 pm), and the Intestinal Centre (Mon., 4 pm), at the Breast Centre (Tues., 8 am); in Friedrichshafen and Constance the general Tumour Conference (Mon., 4:30 pm) and the Tumour Conference at the Breast Centre (Mon., 5:15 pm), along with the Tumour Conferences at the local hospitals in Überlingen and Waldshut (alternating weekly on Weds., 4 pm).


February 14th, 2018