Breast cancer is the most frequent malignant illness in women. As a result of the use of available preventive medical checkups, tumours are usually discovered at a relatively early stage and can be treated with the therapy goal to cure them. 

The Breast Centre Hegau-Lake Constance (Singen) is comprised of, among others, the Gynecology Department of the HBH Clinic, the Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Centre, radiologists and practices for internal medicine and gynecology in Singen and vicinity.

In December 2007, the Breast Centre Hegau-Lake Constance received certification after comprehensive evaluation by the German Cancer Society – and was recertified in March 2013 with top ratings. Therapy decisions are principally made jointly at a tumour conference held every Tuesday. 

The Breast Centre Lake Constance (Friedrichshafen) was established in June 2006 and is also interdisciplinarily supported. The tumour conferences are held in cooperation with the colleagues from Constance at both locations alternately.

Breast cancer represents the most frequently treated illness in our Centre. All professional groups have years of experience and comprehensive know-how about this complex illness. We consistently participate in further education measures relevant to this topic at national and international symposia, including the annual conventions of the German Association for Radiooncology DEGRO in Magdeburg and the American Association for Radiooncology ASTRO.

By applying state-of-the-art techniques like intensity modulated or respiratory controlled radiotherapy, the effective protection of adjacent organs, e.g. heart and lung, is achieved. This results in the effective reduction of acute and long-term outcomes. 

For further information simply click on Breast Centre Hegau-Lake Constance Singen or Breast Centre Lake Constance Friedrichshafen.


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February 14th, 2018