Narrow basement rooms, artificial lighting, and stale air are characteristic of radiotherapeutic facilities, most of them established in the 1970s and 1980s. That presents a burden for both patients and staff.

Due to the fact that there were no previously established radiotherapy facilities in Singen and Friedrichshafen, the opportunity presented itself to deliver a contemporary response to the problems outlined above by building brand new facilities. In an architectural contrast, we have constructed bright, airy, and spacious buildings in collaboration with our architect Wolfgang Dietz, Augsburg.

Singen: all of the rooms and equipment required for radiotherapy have been clearly consolidated in one building on a total area of almost 1,000 m². At the "Virchowstrasse 10b" address, patients therefore find EVERYTHING related to radiotherapy without having to undertake a location change.

Friedrichshafen: the architectural concept corresponds with that of our Singen location. The Häfler practice is designed for a linear accelerator. Planning computer tomography and brachytherapy are performed centrally in Singen.

Our facilities comply with the requirements for a barrier-free practice. They have a private access road, which allow patients to exit their vehicles directly in front of the entrance door. All medical facilities are on the ground floor and are completely accessible by elevator or without thresholds, avoiding any use of stairs. Connections for medical gases like oxygen (O2) are available in the waiting zones and in the treatment rooms. Both centres provide wheelchairs for patient use, which can also be used for the transport to and from passenger cars. Even the sanitary facilities are equipped for the disabled.


February 14th, 2018